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We will work with your team to develop capabilities in foresight processing and venture proposals. Many domains are going to be disrupted in the future, some industries will be impacted more in the next 10 years than others.


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Mobility in 2025

The automotive industry is seeing a radical shift in consumer behavior, and huge advancements in technology which will affect not only sales at organizations, but also in related sectors such as manufacturing and production.

There are several significant emerging trends that will affect this industry in the coming years:

  • Electric vehicles
  • Shared transportation
  • Autonomous mobility
  • Connected vehicles
  • 3D manufacturing

Whether you’re working in the business of automobile manufacturing, shipping and logistical services, public transportation, or aviation, we can help you to anticipate these trends.

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Health in 2025?

The introduction of new technologies and applications has shown great promise in the advancement of the health industry. The digital health-tech segment alone is forecast to be worth $550 billion by 2025. With such an attractive industry, here are some of the biggest emerging trends in the field:

  • Medical apps
  • Big Data and artificial intelligence
  • Medical robots
  • IOMT – Internet of Medical Things
  • Intelligent drugs
  • Synthetic drugs
  • Nano technology 

If your business is in medical device manufacturing, medical care services (hospice care, rehabilitation), pharmaceuticals, hospital supplies and furniture, then you should look out for these trends.

Our Foresight Program

In the first 3 weeks, we will build up your foresight capabilities by teaching you a deep-dive methodology that includes environment scanning, trend radars, trend analysis, system dynamics and mental model understanding. 

In 6-week iterations, utilizing a range of analysis and research methods, we tap into industry expert consulting, trend scouting tools, and future modeling in search of possible futures. 


Detailed analysis focused on the interaction of human behavior, emerging tech & new business models, 5-10 years ahead.

The key to successful venture design is to spot opportunities, create tangible future scenarios and build up practical insight. In 2 years, you will have a capable team ready for unforeseen change and have developed a foresight-backed venture proposal that could radically disrupt the industry. 

3 venture concepts that you can bring to market in the next 2 years. An actionable output based to make progress in the short term.

Our future exploration tracks & venture design capabilities are based on the methodologies developed at our mother company Board of Innovation. Both organizations are founded by Nick De Mey. Over the last 10 years, our team has enjoyed working across every industry, both B2B & B2C. Today, we specialize in 2 domains: mobility and health.

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We can co-design the program to fit the needs of your organization so that it stays relevant in the next 10 years. Connect with us via email at hello@venturesight.com oLinkedIn

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